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  • Stringy Leafage
    I was supposed to be on what some like to call a “plant ban.” Care to take a guess how long that lasted? Exactly. I knocked a few things off the wishlist recently. First let’s just talk about this gem.. This is a Ceropegia woodii, or string of hearts… Continue reading Stringy Leafage


My goal with this blog is to share relatable information when it comes to gardening both indoors and outdoors. I started mostly to have an outlet so I don’t drive my friends and family nuts with all my plant facts and excitement. I’ll share my new plants, projects, struggles, and personal advice for what works for me and my jungle. I am no expert by any means, just a regular gal who found love in collecting plants. And now, I have to keep them alive. So, join me in learning new things and boosting mental health along the way!

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

-Audrey Hepburn

If you have anything you would like me to discuss or feature, please send me an email at molly@humbleplantabode.com. Feel free to send questions, comments, concerns, anything!