Project Phalaenopsis

End of August, I kept seeing this big phalaenopsis on the 50% shelf at the nursery. Huge green leaves, no blooms (but hey! I felt up to the challenge). Since we make frequent trips to the local places, I saw it on occasion. Beginning of September comes around, I happen to see it sitting there stem half dead, but otherwise fine. I HAVE TO SAVE IT. Of course my husband in the background, saying we don’t need another plant. And me. Ignoring him completely. I took a peek at the roots and they were the most perfect roots I have ever seen on a phal. I say all that to say…I wish I would have taken a complete before picture.

I cleaned up the roots a smidge. One little shriveled up piece. Trimmed the half dead stem off. That was it. I gave him a good 10 minute soak in water. Added a mix of sphagnum moss and orchid bark. There is a small blemish on the bottom right leaf, but healed up and gives it character. After all this orchid has been through some shit. Fast forward to now, when I find the most exciting thing…

New growth!!!!

Holy growth! In 29 days, that’s what’s happening. Now I will say, I am no orchid expert but I’m pretty sure that’s a flower spike. See? This is the most rewarding part. I’ll definitely be obsessed with this for a while.

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