Maranta Mania

Maranta leuconeura kerchoveana

I love all the different types of leaf patterns and how the plants move throughout the day. At evening time, the plants leaves come together and fold up. In the morning, the leaves are open and full soaking in the light. Hence the name prayer plant. It’s super rewarding to see the new growth that happens constantly. That being said, they are decently fast growers. Most putting out new leaves almost on a weekly basis. Calathea’s are my favorite plant to watch grow. The new leaf process is noticeable and really neat to watch. At least one of my collection has a leaf growing at all times. Then I’m obsessed with it for the next 2 weeks. I’m telling you, so cool to watch.

Calathea rattlesnake after a good soak

When I try to narrow down my favorite…I can’t. I love all of my calatheas. Every plant is so different in small, beautiful ways.

Calathea ornata
Calathea lemon lime rehab
Calathea medallion

I find that these are the easiest plants to grow in my zone (8b). I mist a few times a week and water weekly. When I water, I use the sink sprayer (or stick them in the shower) and spray the leaves and soak the potting medium. I use a mixture of regular potting soil, perlite and succulent/cactus soil. They like to be moist, but I also do not want root rot-hence the perlite. None of my calathea’s are sitting in an area where they receive direct sun for more than a couple of hours. Most, if not all, species prefer bright, indirect light. That being said, I have found that they have been enjoying the winter grow lights I’ve recently added. Overall these guys are fairly easy to grow in my home.

Beans, the cat v. Freddie the calathea. The week this plant came home…September-ish.
Calathea Freddie looking better now

I guess now is a good time to mention that Beans the cat thinks calatheas are delicious. Since the Marantaceae family is non-toxic to pets (rejoice animal lovers!!!), I don’t have to worry when Beans eats half my brand new plant. As you can see on the above pictures, Freddie the calathea had a rough introduction to the household.

Triostar Stromanthe
Triostar Stromanthe

The triostar is one of my favorite plants. I love the colors and the “personality” it has. It looks beautiful in the evening light.

Evening photo op

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