Maranta Mania

Calathea white fusion

Ahhhhh the white fusion. I can’t tell you why this plant has such an attitude, but it does. This plant is tricky. They like to get crispier than other calatheas when they throw a fit. Mine likes to stay consistently moist. I mist daily and shower it weekly. White fusions like a little bit more direct light so misting daily is a must.

I recently picked up a rehab white fusion that I am determined to save. We will see how that goes…

Calathea white fusion rehab-just given to me

Look how sad that thing is. Is it alive? Probably. Is it on the brink of death? OH YEAH! Someone put it up on the TPP Facebook page as “devil plant”, and I thought oh what the hell! I can do this. I imagine this happened due to a) lack of water and b) too much sun. I have found that white fusions like very indirect, bright light. Placement can be tricky, so currently it lives on fridge in a bed of watered down pebbles and a gallon plastic page over it. See below.

White fusion ICU. It’s not the prettiest thing but with cooler weather approaching, it needs to stay indoors. So behold the makeshift greenhouse.

Since the maranta family likes moisture and humidity, if you feel like your plant is on the dry size, stick in on a humidity tray or a plastic bowl with some rocks filled with a little water.

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