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Stringy Leafage

My string of dolphins was my first stringy plant. He was an awesome find at the nursery. I have never seen a full pot of dolphins a) anywhere I’ve shopped, and b) for the price I purchased at. When I tell you I was excited!!! Check it out.

Senecio Peregrinus (String of dolphins)
Senecio Peregrinus (String of dolphins)

This one is a total experiment. It is not in direct sun (north backyard, shaded by the house). I did top water this one because it was so dry when I brought him home. Being exposed to the Florida elements, I am considering bringing this one indoors. Because this plant is toxic to pets, I will need to find a place out of reach.

One nights sleep…

I moved the dolphins in. I like them better inside. They get plenty of light in a east facing window. Let see how it grows…

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