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Stringy Leafage

I was supposed to be on what some like to call a “plant ban.” Care to take a guess how long that lasted? Exactly. I knocked a few things off the wishlist recently. First let’s just talk about this gem..

Ceropegia woodii (String of hearts-weeks after adoption)
Ceropegia woodii (String of hearts)

This is a Ceropegia woodii, or string of hearts to most. I found this from a member of a local Facebook plant group. They have done wonders for my plant population. This plant is pretty full and trailing beautifully! I swear it gets bigger daily. With most stringy things, I find that bottom watering aka butt chugging keeps the plant at its best. Sometimes watering the “normal” way, rots the top if overly done. In my opinion, the top of the plant stays fuller. Best to let SOH dry out in between watering. Oh, and good news-Ceropegia woodii is non-toxic to pets and people. 🙌 I have a variegated version of this coming soon! If you don’t know what variegated means-basically it’s where a species exhibits different colors (typically white, but could be pink!!). Depending on the plant, it could be pretty coveted. I absolutely love variegation on plants. Anyway, I didn’t mean to trail off there. See what I did there? SOH is pretty easy to care for as long as it has bright indirect light and proper watering!

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