About me

“There’s something satisfying about getting your hands in the soil.” -E.A. Bucchianeri

I’m Molly! Thanks for joining me! I decided to start this blog on a whim. I left a job at a veterinary hospital after several years, and once I took a break and starting a new job; I have found it allows me to actually find a hobby again. I started buying more indoor plants earlier this year around the start of Covid 19. From there, I spiraled out of control. I started with 3 indoor plants that I had managed to keep alive over the last few years; A christmas cactus, a queen of the night, and some type of succulent. I don’t know what bug got up my ass to buy a new plant, but I’m glad I did. This newfound obsession has done wondrous things to my mental health. Now I have 100+ indoor plants. Keep in mind, I live with 2 dogs and 3 cats (so don’t be surprised if you get a sprinkle of critter or pictures in here somewhere). Needless to say my home is crowded and some plants have chew marks from the cats. What can I say? I just. can’t. stop.

Places I frequent